Al Bawader is the first investment fund focused on the Arab private sector in Israel.

The Arab private sector has strong ties and the capability to deliver high value products and services to the expanding markets of the Middle East and the Arab world. Equally important, the Arab private sector can leverage its access to Israel's highly developed and export driven infrastructure.

Al Bawader will seek to invest in the most attractive opportunities that present themselves in the Arab private sector, including investments in manufacturing, services, and technology companies. Our mission is to maximize financial returns for our investors by investing and working closely with companies that have high growth potential.

Al Bawader will invest in revenue generating companies with proven products and a sustainable value proposition, as well as in pre-revenue companies that can provide compelling validation of their business opportunity.

We view our relationship with entrepreneurs as a partnership. Al Bawader is an active investor, making use of the extensive network, experience and knowledge of our partners and investors to provide on-going support and advice to our portfolio companies.

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