The following is a description of how we typically screen and reach decisions about investment opportunities.

We will meet with any entrepreneur who is interested in exploring an investment. To schedule a meeting please contact Jimmy Levy ( It will be our pleasure to meet with you and explain our investment strategy and process.

Generally prior to, but often after an initial meeting, we will ask for a two page Executive Summary and a Company Presentation. You can download a template for your Company Presentation here.

We will usually require two to three weeks to review the materials you submit before scheduling a follow up meeting where you will have the opportunity to present your company.

  • It is important in preparing your Company Presentation that you focus on providing validation for the information your present. For example you can validate the sustainable competitive advantage of your product by providing a chart comparing your product to competing products; describe any intellectual property (e.g., patents) that you have or plan to obtain; describe any specific knowhow that your team possesses; provide feedback from existing or prospective customers or distributors about the advantages of your product; etc.
  • Validate your assumptions about the size and structure of the addressable market – including, providing analyst reports or other supporting information about the number of potential customers in different geographies; describing your major competitors and their relative advantages; etc.
  • Validate your business model assumptions, including validating the price customers are likely to be willing to pay by showing the price they pay for comparable or competing products.

Following the presentation of your company, we will provide feedback about our level of interest in your company. If we are interested in an investment, we will schedule a meeting to agree on a due diligence plan. The objective of this plan is to identify the issues we need to investigate in detail prior to making an investment. For example, we may want to validate the demand for your product by meeting with existing or prospective customers or ask experts to evaluate your product. The plan will also define a timetable for next steps, including when we can reasonably expect to negotiate a term sheet.

It is in our interest to screen and due diligence opportunities in a formaly fashion. However, please keep in mind that we have an obligation to our investors to rigorously and thoroughly analyze the opportunities and risks associated with any investment. It is therefore not uncommon for the due diligence process to take several months.

There are many sources of information about the common practices of venture capital and private equity investors. Do your research! An Internet search can provide a wealth of information about questions you will undoubtedly have – for example, how company valuations are derived; what are typical investment terms; etc. A lawyer or an accountant can also be a valuable source of information. We recommend that you consult with a lawyer or accountant that has worked with several companies that have received equity investments.

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