Al Bawader's mission is to maximize financial returns for our investor by investing and working closely with companies that have high growth potential.

Al Bawader will invest in a diversified portfolio, including manufacturing, service, and technology companies. Al Bawader will invest in revenue generating companies with proven products and a sustainable value proposition, as well as in pre-revenue generating companies that can provide compelling validation of their business opportunity.

Al Bawader will favor companies that are export-oriented including, in particular, companies that can profitably deliver products to expanding markets across the Middle East and the Arab world.

Al Bawader intends to make primarily equity investments in portfolio companies. However, where appropriate, Al Bawader may also provide convertible loans and use other financial instruments and debt, equity or hybrid securities in its investment activity.

Al Bawader is an active investor. In addition to generally requiring Board representation, Al Bawader will leverage the collective business networks, experience and capabilities of our partners and investors to support our portfolio companies in developing effective recruitment, product, financial, marketing and sales strategies.

When evaluating investment opportunities, we look for companies that have the following attributes:

  • An exceptional entrepreneurial team with the drive and perseverance to succeed. We look to invest in entrepreneurs that have a vision for creating long term value and the ability to execute this vision.
  • Products, services or technologies that have a sustainable competitive advantage.
  • A large addressable market that supports high growth opportunities. We look to invest in companies that have practical and scalable business models that can maximize returns.

We view our relationship with entrepreneurs as a partnership. We understand that our fund's success depends on the commitment and vision of the entrepreneurs we invest in. Our goal is to enable them to realize their vision and ambition.

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